Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The 21st Century Russian Navy

Following the fall of the Soviet Union the Russian Navy has been significantly downsized, currently only a few new vessels have been added to the Russian Navy. This document will describe in brief these vessels and vessels under construction.


Displacement: 14720 tons surf / 19400 tons sub.Speed: 15 kts surf./ 29 kts sub.
Dim: 170x13.5x9
Maximum Depth: around 450 m

ARMAMENT: 6 533mm Torpedo Tubes. 12 Torpedoes. Originally 16 SS-N-28 SLBMs, now 16 RSM-56 Bulava SLBMs.

Radar: Snoop Tray I Band Surface Search/Nav Radar.
Sonar: Shark Hide LF Passive Hull Array. MGK-540 Shark Gill Spherical Bow Active/Passive Array. Mouse Roar HF Hull Array (Mine and Ice Avoidance), Acoustic Intercept. Pelamida Passive Towed Array. UWT underwater Comms.
EW: Rim Hat and Brick Pulp ESM. Brick Spit EO Mast. Park Lamp RDF. Kremmny-2 IFF.
Other: VLF/ELF wire antennas, Pert Spring SATCOM, Cod Eye radio sextant

Crew: 107

Machinery: 2 OK-650b Reactor, 2 90,000 shp steam turbine. 1 pumpjet propulsor.

Remarks: Currently a submarine without a mission. The missile original slated to arm this class failed repeatedly during development and was scrapped in favor of a missile derived from the land based Topol-M missile named Bulava. During test this missile has had a roughly %50 success rate.

The Yury Dolgoruiy is currently undergoing sea trials and is expected to be commission soon. Russia has laid the keels for three more submarines of this class.


Displacement: 9,500 tons surf / 11,800 tons sub.
Speed: 20 kts surf./ 35 kts sub.
Dim: 120x15x10
Maximum Depth: about 600 m

ARMAMENT: 8 650 mm torpedo tubes. 24 Torpedoes. 8 VLS Cells with 3 missiles each.

Radar: Snoop Pair Surface Search/Nav Radar.
Sonar: Passive Hull Array. Spherical Bow Active/Passive Array. Acoustic Intercept. HF Mine Avoidance Sonar. Passive Towed Array.
EW: Rim Hat ESM/ECM.

Crew: 50

Machinery: 1 OK-650KPM Reactor, 1 43,000 shp steam turbine. 1 pumpjet propulsor.


Project 677 Lada class Submarine
Photo: Kobus via Picasa

Dis: 2700 tons submerged
Dim: 72x7.1x6.5 meters
Speed: 21 knots dived
Range 650 miles on batteries
Endurance: 45 days

Weapons 6 533mm torpedo tubes with 18 weapons incl. torpedoes, Novator Alfa or Onix ASMs RPK-6 SUBROC.

Machinery: Diesel-Electric with AIP. 1 7 blade propeller.

Project 20120 Sarov Class Submarine

Dimensions 72,6 x 9,9 m x 7 m
Displacement 2300/3950 tons
Depth about 300 m,
Speed 10 surfaced/17 knots dived
Autonomy 45 days.
Crew 52

Armament and Electronics unknown

Machinery: Nuclear reactor and D-E system

Remarks: Testing platform, possibly for a new nuclear reactor, radioisotope thermoelectric generators, or AIP technologies.


Steregushchy Class Corvette (Project 20380)

D: 1,900 tons, 2,200 tons tons full load
S: 30 knots
Dim: 104.5 x 11.1 x 3.7

8 3M24 Uran Missiles
4 400mm TT for torpedoes and SS-N-29/RPK-9 Medvedka (not confirmed, maybe a future weapons fit)
2 14.5mm HMGs or AGLs.

Positiv-MAE radar
Garpun-B radar
Sonar system with hull mounted and towed arrays
Chaff and decoy launcher system with four launchers

Crew: 117

Twin shaft CODOG system, comprising:
......2x10,000 kW gas turbines
......2x3650 kW diesel engines

Aviation: Pad/hangar for Ka-27

Notes: Steregushchy entered service in 2007, 5 additional ships are under construction.

Photo: Wikipedia

Buyan Class Corvette (Project 21630)
Displacement: 600 tons full load
Dim: 62 meters long
Speed: 28 knots
Range: 1500 nm

Armament: 1 A-190 100mm gun. 2 AK-360 30mm CIWS. 1 9K38 Igla SAM launcher, 1 A-215 122 mm Grad-M MLRS (20 launch tubes). Mine Rails with about 30 mines.

Radar: MR-231 Navigation Radar
Decoys: PK-10 "Smely" decoy Rocket Launchers

Machinery: 2 8000 HP Diesel engines, 2 waterjets.

Remarks: Called a "Small Artillery Ship" by the Russians the first of these ships was assigned to the Caspian Sea Flotilla. Unusual is its A-215 Rocket Launcher, a coastal bombardment weapon indicating the ship is designed for the littoral environment. The first ship Astrakhan was commissioned in January of 2006, two more Kaspiysk and Mahachkala are under construction. Plans exist for a Project 21631 "Tornado" variant armed with guided surface-to-surface missiles.

Dyugon` Class Landing Craft (Project 21820)


Dis: 280 tons
Dim: 45x8.6x2.2
Speed: 35 knots

Armaments: 2 14.5mm machine guns.

Cargo: 140 tons
Crew: 6

Machinery: 2 9000 hp M502A-2D Diesel Engines.

Remarks: One hull D-105 is under construction at Nizhniy Novgorod and should be commissioned soon. An additional hull is under construction at Vladivostok.

Vessels In Development

Admiral Sergey Gorshkov class Frigate (Project 22350)

Dis: 4,500 tons
Dim: 132x16x8 meters
Speed: 26 knots
range: 4000 nm at 14 knots or 15 days
crew: 100

1 Arsenal 130mm Gun, 2 Kashtan CIWS, 8 SS-N-26 Oniks ASMs or PJ-10 BrahMos, 1 Shtil I SA-N-12 GRIZZLY SAM, 4 533mm Torpedo Tubes, RPK-9 Medvedka SS-N-29 ASW Rockets

Air wing: 1 Helicopter

Sensors: 3D Air Search Radar, Sonar.

Machinery: 2 COGAG with boost turbines.

Remarks: Under construction and expected to be launched late 2010 with commissioning in 2011. One more under construction.

Ivan Gren class Landing Ship (Project 11711)
Dis: ~5,500
Dim: 120x16
Speed: 18 knots
Range: 3000 nm at 16 knots
Crew: ~100
Cargo: 13 Tanks or 60 APCs.

Weapons: Unknown may include
1 Arsenal 130mm Gun and CIWS.

Remarks: 1 under construction, 4 more maybe built.

Future Amphibious Assault Ship
Russia has expressed interest in operating four French Mistral class vessels. Two maybe built in France while the other two are built in Russia. Designs from Spain and South Korea are also said to be under consideration.


  1. Very interesting. Would love to read any other remarks you have about these ships. As a non-naval purpose it is hard for me to guess.

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