Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A new look inside the Ghadir

Iran's recent Velayat 90 wargames in the Sea of Oman and Straits of Hormuz has produced a batch of new photos of the Ghadir class midget submarine. These pictures may come from two different boats as there are two Lt. Commanders in the following images, one younger and one older with a beard.

Journalist boards Ghadir. The green boards are probably to allow a lookout to stand in the hatch while the submarine is surfaced.

Journalist interviews crew in the Ghadir's conn. 10 people (incl. the cameraman) are in this space. This should give some indication as to the maximum possible crew complement, although three of the ten appear to be civilians (two journalists and a camera man).

Iranian Lt. Commander being interview in stern part of conn. Note civilian style smoke detector above right shoulder.

EDIT: Some have suggested it might be a Carbon Monoxide detector.

A diver during some kind of embarking/debarking ceremony. Behind them are the torpedo tubes. Note the hatch leading in to the fin opens down. This is not the internal bulkhead hatch as those are oblong shaped. Downwards opening seems a strange design as water pressure would tend to force it open rather than closed.

Iranian sailor at starboard control station. Note fathometer or sonar (Fathomter confirmed) at upper left, below it is the video periscope display. There is a depth gauge next to the fathometer.

Close up of display for video periscope. Note range of periscope includes +/- 21 degrees in elevation.

Different display for video periscope.

Different views of Starboard control station. This station has the electrical pannels and engine control panels.

View of Port side control station. Above the sailor's shoulder appears to be the Christmas Tree with indicatiors for the submarine's three compartments.

Unknown display. Possible EW Display, Location unknown.

Most people seen on the fin of the Ghadir to date.


  1. Iranian Navy...making Soviet Navy look good for a change....

  2. I suspect that the picture of the diver and hatch indicates a lock-in/lock-out/escape chamber and that it opens downward due to space constraints. The upper water tight hatch on the outside opens upwards as you indicate.

    Check out the sea growth on the one in this series:

  3. @ Benjamin Walthrop: Indeed that hatch leads to the lockout chamber in the Sail/Fin of the submarine (which can be seen it the first picture). However should the outer hatch fail or inner hatch not perform to specs while the outer hatch is open (to say lock out a diver) the results could be dangerous. On American submarines both hatches open "outwards" not "inwards".

    It probably is the result of space constraints but it still is a design flaw that could result in the loss of the submarine under the correct circumstances.

    1. On the other hand it could be a safety featureif the boat was stricken on the seabed because otherwise trapped men could not force the hatch upwards?

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  6. Stupid Iranians. So what are they saying. They are "PROUD" and thankful to mighty Allah (PBUH), that they have a 80 foot midget sub to compete against the mighty nuclear subs of the US. What a JOKE. Iranians are a joke. They are clearly very low IQ, cos anybody with even an average IQ will know that nobody can win a fight with the US Navy. Morons!!!!

    1. Just how stupid are you?

      A midget submarine in shallow water is acknowledged by the US Navy itself as a very dangerous threat and extremely difficult to detect.

      But of course you aren't interested in the facts. Facts are of no importance to the likes of you.

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